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H.W. Wilson and EBSCO merger

I’d love to hear your thoughts about the Wilson/EBSCO merger. Is your institution planning to subscribe to Art Source, the new super arts database or will you subscribe to the arts databases as separate products? Our collection development committee is meeting later this month to discuss this latest change to our electronic resources.

Berg Fashion Library Newsletter Promotes ARLIS FTC SIG!

Having done little to promote our FTC SIG abroad, I was astounded this week to find our international membership had suddenly grown.  A new FTC SIG member from The Amsterdam Fashion Institute kindly informed me that Berg Fashion Library has promoted our new group in their newsletter!  (Read the text, below.*)  Our very sincere thanks go out to Kathryn Earle and the hardworking people at Berg!  We appreciate the plug and warmly welcome our new international members!

*Special Interest Group for Librarians: Get Involved 
Announcing a new initiative of interest to librarians with fashion collections: a new
Special Interest Group (SIG) for Fashion, Textile and Costume (FTC) Librarians
has been approved by the Executive Board of ARLIS (NA). This is a forum
for sharing issues pertinent to FTC librarianship. Participants will
capitalize on the shared experiences and knowledge of the FTC library
community. The group is composed of members from (but not limited to) academic,
public, museum and corporate libraries concerned with developing and promoting
professional competence in areas such as reference, library instruction, and
collection development.   If you are interested in becoming a member of the SIG, please subscribe to the new FTC SIG blog: .   (Berg Fashion Library Newsletter – June 14, 2011.)

FTC Blog: How do new users add content?

Dear FTC’ers,

WordPress is a free and useful blog-hosting platform, but it’s not without its challenges.  We are a very new group, so bear with me as I try to figure out this new forum.

Several of our members have written to ask how to post to our blog.  The confusion is natural, given that there are different levels of interaction with the blog, all offering different levels of access.  I thought it might help if I cover the two most common means of interacting with the blog here.

E-Mail Subscription:  An e-mail subscription widget is located on the Home/About Page on the blog, and it is the easiest way to become a SIG member.  You simply enter your e-mail address, and you will receive e-mail updates of blog postings.  However, as I understand it, an e-mail subscription does not allow subscribers to add content (i.e. “post”) to the blog.

FTC Blog Contributor:  In order to add content (post) on the blog, you must create a WordPress account.  You may do this by selecting “Register” from the Home/About Page of our blog, or simply go to and fill out the short registration form.  (NOTE:  Despite appearances, you do NOT have to create a blog of your own; simply select the small hyperlink that reads “Sign up for just a username.”)

When you register, please let me know and I will give you “Contributor” status for the FTC blog.  This will allow you to write, edit, publish and delete your own posts, and upload images with your posts.

I hope that this post clarifies things a bit.  As I said, I’m learning this platform as I go along, so your patience is appreciated.  If anyone out there has WordPress skills, I’d be delighted to have your assistance!


Sandra Ley (ARLIS FTC SIG Moderator)

How to post to the FTC blog

Some time ago, I sent out invitations to sign up for WordPress. Most FTC members chose to simply get e-mail updates of the blog postings. That’s fine, but be aware that e-mail updates will not allow you to post to the blog. In order to post, you must sign up for WordPress. (Note that you may sign up for WordPress WITHOUT starting a blog of your own. When prompted, simply click “Just a Username” instead of “Gimme a blog!” If you need me to send you another invitation to the FTC blog so that you can post, just e-mail me at Thanks!