Periodic reminder: How to post to the blog

My apologies to those who’ve seen this message a few times already.  I’m repeating it to help our newest members…

How to be a FTC SIG WordPress Blog Contributor:  In order to add content (post) on the blog, you must create a WordPress account.  You may do this by selecting “Register” from the Home/About Page of our blog, or simply go to and fill out the short registration form.  (NOTE:  Despite appearances, you do NOT have to create a blog of your own; simply select the small hyperlink that reads “Sign up for just a username.”)  Once you have a username and password, log in.  You will be given access to a “Dashboard” which offers you the ability to write, edit and publish new posts.

If you don’t care to post, you can opt for an e-mail subscription, which will “push” new blog post notifications to you via e-mail.  You can activate an e-mail subscription via the blog’s home page.

As always, contact me with questions.  Thanks!

Sandra Ley (FTC SIG Moderator) /

Commercial materials library question

I’ve recently been contacted by a vendor of Material ConneXion, a global consulting and materials library.  (See their marketing blurb, below.)  Our fashion program is small, so I’m not convinced that we need a materials library, but I thought I’d ask those that have one to speak up.  If you have, or have had, a materials library:

1)  Is it kept with the academic library information resources, or within a “fashion lab?”

2)  How are the physical resources cataloged?  Kept secure?

3)  How extensively is are the physical materials used by fashion design students?  How extensively are the online information resources used?  (What degree offerings do you have?  How many fashion design students do you have?)

4)  What were your primary reasons for creating / maintaining a materials library?

Any other information you can provide would be helpful!  Thanks!


“Material ConneXion, global consulting and materials library offers extensive academic programs that allow students and faculty members to have access to more than 6,500 innovative, advanced and sustainable materials. Members have unlimited access to the online database, subscription to MATTER magazine, monthly updates on 50-60 new materials and special onsite academic programs. Licensing opportunities are available, allowing academic institutions to create their own on site Materials library of rotating material samples developed around your school’s curricula.  Our unique display system provides easy access to material samples and information. For a practical and direct access to new materials, schools can subscribe to Active Matter. Shipped directly to your school four times a year, Active Matter™ is an indispensable tool for anyone in the creative disciplines.  Each quarterly materials box provides a hand-picked selection of the latest materials and creative inspiration from the world’s leading materials experts.” 

Stylesight Trend Forecasting database

Hi all,

I’ve just received word from Stylesight that they made significant improvements to their mood board tool, which now allows for additional customization and permits “clipping” and importing images from online.  I’ve also heard that they have some new smartphone apps, but I don’t know what kind.

Does anyone have more news on this, or perhaps experience with the tools?