New book: Blue is the New Black

Blue is the New Black : The 10 Step Guide to Developing and Producing a Fashion Collection / By Susie Breuer
ISBN 9789063692810
To be published July 2012

“Written for fashion graduates, newbie entrepreneurs and those in entry-level positions in the industry, Blue is the New Black demystifies the process of how to make a fashion collection accessible for all levels. It’s a reference guide, a buddy, and a bible of who, what and where.” Source:

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i would not be surprised if you would find other books of BisPublishers interesting as well as affordable. To highlight one example: Never Leave the House Naked and 50 other Ridiculous Fashion Rules, from the not so ridiculous series Ridiculous Design Rules, with separate volumes dedicated to advertising, design, fashion, film, typography and web design.

Fashion Style Categories – Add to the list, please!

Hi all,

I’m helping one of our faculty to create an assignment using a trend forecasting database.  I need the most complete list of fashion style categories and fashion subcultures that can be devised.  (Unless someone can point me to an existing list that I can reference?)  Can you contribute to the list I’ve created so far?  What’s missing?  Thank you for your help!  Sandra Ley (FTC SIG Moderator /

NOTE 12/17/13:  UPDATED LIST AVAILABLE ON THIS PAGE:  /style-categories-style-tribes-list/


Yohji Yamamoto at Design Museum Holon

“In an Israeli first, Design Museum Holon is proud to announce an exhibition by visionary designer Yohji Yamamoto.

“Maestro of avant-garde fashion, Yohji Yamamoto remains one of the world’s most influential and enigmatic designers and over the last forty years has made a vital contribution to fashion, challenging traditional norms of clothing with his style. The exhibition at Design Museum Holon is particularly meaningful as it coincides with the 60th anniversary of the Japan-Israel relationship and the 40th anniversary of Yamamoto’s company, Y’s.

“Curated by Galit Gaon, Design Museum Holon’s Chief Curator, the exposition will challenge and re-conceptualise the way in which conventional fashion exhibitions are presented. A series of site specific installations will be designed which embrace and respond to Ron Arad’s iconic building.

“The exhibition will curate over 80 Yohji Yamamoto’s signature women and menswear silhouettes, exploring discussions between people, places, clothing and design. The expressive installation, designed by Masao Nihei, will cleverly bring together all the various indoor and outdoor spaces of the museum, including the two major galleries, lab space, garden and public areas. The flow of objects through the private and public arenas will create a continuous stream of inspiration, inviting visitors to experience a journey of emotions, memories and design.”