The UK contributes over 6,500 digitised museum objects to provide a boost for online learning

About 6,500 newly digitised objects from University College London and the University of Reading’s diverse museum collections are now openly accessible to students, teachers and the public at large. This includes us!

ARLIS/NA FTC SIG conference session!

ARLIS/NA FTC SIG conference session!

I’m happy to announce that we have a time and date for the session “Character Through Costume: Production Research and Costume Design for Film and Television,” at this year’s ARLIS/NA conference in Pasadena. It will be Sunday, April 28, from 11:00am-12:00pm. Our two speakers are Anne Coco, Graphic Arts Librarian at the Margaret Herrick Library of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, and Bobi Garland, Director of the Western Costume Research Library and Archive, and I will be moderating what promises to be a lively discussion. Mark your calendars, hope to see you there!

Lindsay King

Help! Citation needed from WWD archive

Help please?  🙂

I need a citation for Patrick McCarthy’s (1984?) article in WWD in which he wrote the following about Marithe + Francois Girbaud’s jeans:

“They are the hottest thing in France.”

Our Library’s access doesn’t go back that far.

Thanks so much!

Sandra (FTC SIG Coordinator)

Viviane Sassen : In and Out of Fashion (book, interviews, exhibition)

“Even though fashion is obviously very commercial, it’s important to have a voice.” 
Olivia Gideon Thomson, in: Interview Part 2 (see below)

i would like to draw your attention to an exhibition with selected works of the Dutch (fashion) photographer Viviane Sassen.

:  Viviane Sassen : In and Out of Fashion
Where       :   Huis Marseille, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Start date :   December 15, 2012
End date   :  March 17, 2013

For those who cannot come to Amsterdam to see the exhibition there is no reason to despair:

  • visit Viviane Sassen’s website.
  • read what the fashion world has to say about Viviane Sassen:

The fashion world on Viviane Sassen:
Part 1 / Interview with model Anna de Rijk.
Part 2 / Interview with Olivia Gideon Thomson, Viviane Sassen’s agent and founder of We-Folk.
Part 3 / Conversation with Carven designer Guillaume Henry, for whom Viviane Sassen shoots campaigns.
Part 4  / Conversation with Vanessa Reid, stylist, fashion editor and fashion director at Pop Magazine.
Part 5 / Interview with Emmeline de Mooij, artist and stylist, with whom Viviane Sassen made a series for Purple, Dazed & Confused and KUTT.
Part 6 / Conversation with Jonathan Schofield, artistic director at Stella McCartney.
Part 7 / Conversation with Roxane Danset, stylist and muse.

  • or: you could purchase the exhibition catalogue, published by Prestel.

Best regards,

Fred Goudswaard
librarian AMFI
(Amsterdam Fashion Institute)

How do I login and post to the FTC SIG blog?!

I sense that the WordPress blog invitation I send to new members has a procedure that’s somewhat less than straight-forward, so let’s try something else…

Have a look at this YouTube video, and follow the steps to set up a login (username & password) and follow our blog.  (I.E.  Not the St. Peter Middle School Blog shown in the video.)  😉

Once you’re logged in, and you’re following our blog, and on our blog page, you should be able to post easily via your DASHBOARD (select NEW POST, then write your post, then select PUBLISH.)

Please let me know if this all clarifies things, or if I need to try something else to help you.

I’m happy to help anyone.  Just ask!!!

Sandra (FTC SIG Moderator.)