On the Material Trail: Inside the Culture of ‘Made in Italy’: UPDATE

Unfortunately, the study tour did not meet its minimum registration requirement and was canceled.

The organizers will explore rescheduling the tour, most likely in October 2016. The short window of planning was the primary reason more people could not commit to the tour and a date next autumn would allow people to marshal the time and resources.


Hi FDC SIG community!

Does anyone have any experiences with this resource:


“SnapFashun is a fast, simple and affordable way to get thousands of reference sketches to create custom designs. Designed with students and teachers in mind, this software works with Adobe Illustrator to provide an interactive reference library, along with a browser to store and retrieve your sketches. Create fashion designs for portfolios, trend boards, moodboards, pattern cards, concept boards, line sheets and more. “

Have any of your Fashion faculty commented?