Fashion x Archives Reading

Materials from The Costume Institute Special Collections processing project, now open for research access. Photo by the Celia Hartmann.

The latest In Circulation blog post (from Thomas J. Watson Library at The Metropolitan Museum of Art) entitled Fashion Back Stories: Linking Archival Material to Costume Institute Objects by Celia Hartmann can be found at this link:

Happy reading!



Fashion and the World Cup

If you’ve been watching the World Cup these past few weeks, you might enjoy Sophie Gilbert’s brief review of Simon Doonan’s new book Soccer Style: The Magic and Madness. Gilbert explains that Doonan is clearly biased towards the flashy nature of these off-duty athletes, with the book serving as “less measured historical analysis than zingy reader’s guide.” However, Gilbert (through Doonan) offers some fun insights into how soccer stars have evolved into glamorous figures over the past few decades.