Camp: Notes on Fashion

Just before the exhibition closing, I got up to New York City to see the Costume Institute’s Camp: Notes on Fashion. The show layout is mimicked in the catalog – two volumes that are bound together. The first volume covers the first half of the show, the history and development of camp. For me, this was the best part of the show because it emphasized how intentional dress choice has been throughout history. My favorite piece was this Ocsar Wilde-inspired ensemble from Gucci’s 2017 menswear collection.

The second half of the exhibit largely took place in one, two-story room. This was full-on camp. In the catalog, this is volume two, a flip book of all the costume from modern and contemporary designers.

I had a lot of favorites from this huge exhibition, but fell in love with these House of Balenciaga ensembles from the 2016-2017 autumn/winter collection.

For those of you who couldn’t make it, I do recommend the catalog. The images of the costume portray the fabric and cut, and camp, in clean presentation. The essays are insightful and this was a well-researched show.

While at the Met I caught another show just ending, the textile work of Mrinalini Mukherjee. I’ll share images from that exhibition next month!

Fashion: Now & Then Registration Open

The 9th Annual Fashion: Now & Then: Identity conference will be held November 1st-2nd at LIM College in New York City. Registration is now open.

In this two-day conference participants will discuss the past, present, and future uses of fashion information as it relates to identity. Participants will be drawn from libraries, archives, academic institutions, publishers, collectors, museums, and the fashion industry to represent a full range of expertise.

More information and the conference schedule can be found at the Fashion: Now & Then website.