Query about Thai headdress

I am working with a researcher who would like to identify the material and construction of the Thai (Siam) topknot-cutting ceremony circlet, as seen here:  https://www.pinterest.com/pin/369928556865577148/?d=t&mt=login


Has anyone seen / touched something like this, or know how it is made?  Any help appreciated.


I’m just getting started looking. Checking museum catalogs, costume encyclopedias, etc.

Sherri Saines

Ohio University

Present at ARLIS/NA 2020!

We’re looking for someone interested in doing a brief presentation to the SIG at our annual meeting at ARLIS/NA 2020. The presentation could take the form of a slide lecture, leading discussion, or short activity. The presentation plus Q+A would be around 15 minutes and can be on anything relevant to fashion, textile, or costume librarianship. Topics might include information literacy instruction, collection development, outreach and engagement, or personal research. Please note your interest and possible topic(s) to the SIG moderators by Friday, January 3.

Thank you!

Olivia Warshaw (warschao@newschool.edu)
Shannon Robinson (librarianshannon@gmail.com)
Lauren Bradley (lauren.bradley@limcollege.edu)