Introducing Co-Vice Moderator Caetllonn Seadjwyc!

Caetllonn Seadjwyc recently acquired her MLIS from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. Prior to embarking on a career in librarianship, she designed, manufactured, and sold her jewellery collection throughout both Canada and the US, among many other endeavors. Caetllonn has long since demonstrated an affinity for all things fashion, textile, and costume related, most recently evidenced by an ever-expanding series of style-related Pinterest boards and far too many pieces of vintage fabric tucked away in her storage closet. 

“I’m delighted to be part of a community that is as interested and inspired by garments and the many varied stories they tell—some frivolous, some political, but always intriguing—as I am! I look forward to interacting with as many FTC SIG members as possible during my time as a co-vice moderator… and beyond, too.”

Online Labs?

Has anyone curated a list of online labs for textiles, clothing, and related courses?  I am working right now on an intro to textiles class that normally has a 1-hour lab for things like identification, staining and removal, dying, testing, etc.  While our university provided a big lab list, few are applicable.  Hoping you have some suggestions.