League of Awesome Librarians

This isn’t immediately Fashion-librarian related, but I was writing this for our library newsletter and I thought you might be interested as well.

Last Spring I went to the Library Unconference, a unique gathering spnsored by the Library Collective that I really enjoyed.  The sessions were all highly interactive, immediately useful, and well-presented.  Plus the swag was The Best. That group has now launched an online community called the League of Awesome Librarians.  There is a subscription fee, so I considered that a little review would help people consider whether it’s worth it.

Once you’ve joined (there are 3 levels of support that get you more or less online content), you have access to the posts, discussions, Mastermind groups, and social media of the LAL site.  The site itself is well-designed, and makes easy sense.  At the mid-level membership, there are also quarterly “free” webinars, and if you buy in at the “I’m rich” level, you even get a quarterly sway bag.

There also multiple ways to meet up with librarians, subgroups to join, regular discussion starters to weight in on.  I like that the topics encompass library minutia as well as tangential fun topics like:

We’ve all got one—a lipstick shade, a candy, a soda flavor (cough, New Coke, cough). What discontinued product do you want to make a comeback?

(This prompt was a piece of larger theme of comebacks in librarianship: books, ideas, articles). 

Well done. The feel of the LAL is friendly, immediate, realistic, useful. I’m enjoying it so far. Happy to answer any questions.

(No, this is not a paid advertisement or even something LAL suggested, just my genuine boost of a good thing. -SBS)