Cosplay Resources

I made a page for my Costume History LibGuide about Cosplay. I was surprised how hard it was to find good sources — so I’m sharing and hoping you will help me grow this list. Feel free to copy!

Word List

This word list, which isn’t in my guide, should be useful for all you librarians. I’ve marked the LCSHs with an asterisk.

With this wordlist, I’ve had success in databases finding useful articles from about 2002 forward.

Cosplay*costume design*characters
alternative histories*fashion*video games*
fans (persons)*clothing and dress*comic strip characters*
steampunk culture*gearcartoon characters*
role playing*gadgetvideo game characters*
victorian futurismmodels and modelmaking*dungeons and dragons*
cybergothic, cyberpunktechnology in art*women superfheroes*
fandomwearable technologygraphic novels*
subculture*dress upanime
geeks (computer enthusiasts)*comic books, strips, etc.*
street style

Books about Cosplay and Steampunk

Here are a few good books we have in our library; do you have others you can recommend?

Some Cosplay Websites

I only found a few that were not sales-oriented. What others are you aware of?


After Comic-con International, (San Diego), the list of orgs and events should probably be local. On my guide, I have the nearest large convention and several local groups.

Popular & Free Resources

I thought we could share some of the popular and free resources that we use outside of our regularly scheduled program (subscribed databases). Please share with your favorites with your fellow SIG members in the comments section below.

Some of my personal favorites include:

Business of FashionThis website provides up-to-date fashion industry news on topics such as technology, emerging designers, and op-eds.

Marketer’s Almanac (think with Google)Provides consumer trends using Google Analytics.

Retail Insight CenterA resource from the National Retail Federation that allows you to gather retail industry information using resources provided by the U.S. government .

For more helpful websites, be sure to check out the Fashion Librarian’s Resource Guide!


Introduction to Textiles Intelligence

The following post is sponsored by Textiles Intelligence.

This is a quick introduction to Textiles Intelligence. We specialise in publishing research-based business information on the global textile and apparel industries. Can you access them via your library yet? Here’s a link to our website:

The reports are used by senior executives in the industry to support their strategic planning decisions, by international trade organisations to write policy, and by fashion students who need to understand the commercial context of their subject. You’ll find lots of information about key companies and their activities, product developments and innovations by sector, international marketing and sourcing strategies, supply chain management issues, international trade and production trends, European yarn and fabric fairs, and much more.

Don’t forget to use the reports when you start thinking about applying to companies for employment. We’ve probably written about them – so go to your interview prepared!

The publications are available via subscription – in printed and electronic format. We offer multi-user licences for libraries. The titles relating to apparel include:

Textile Outlook International;

Global Apparel Markets; and

Performance Apparel Markets.

Contact Belinda Carp ( if you’d like to know more.