Unique Gem in the City of Paris

For those with summer travel plans to the fashionable city of Paris, I recommend checking out the Pierre Cardin Museum.

This past year I had the opportunity to travel to Paris and one of the things that I simply had to do was go to the Pierre Cardin Museum. I had just read about the opening in the most recent issue of WWD and was mesmerized by a space that honored Monsieur Cardin. He always intrigued me and to have the opportunity to see a variety of items he created over the span of his career was on the top of my to-do list for this trip.

The cost is a bit steep, but definitely worth it (25 euro). The pieces that are on display run the gamut from housewares to ready-to-wear, to couture.  I was the sole person in the museum and ended up having an impromptu tour from the woman that worked there.

Overall, the history held within the three-story museum is inspiring.