The Fashion and Race Database: Overview & Survey Request

Anthony here from The Fashion and Race Database. The FRD was established as a learning and research resource, aimed at decentralizing the narrative of fashion history and challenging misrepresentation within the fashion system. You may already be familiar with The Database and the many resources we make available, entirely free of charge. Objects That Matter and Profiles contain encyclopedic entries on pivotal fashion objects, people, and movements from fashion history around the world. Our Essays & Opinions section contains commissioned pieces that take a deep analytical dive into subjects having to do with issues of fashion and race. Finally, the workhorse of The Database, our first-of-its-kind Library, contains links to hundreds of books, articles, films, podcasts, and more, for those interested in exploring these subjects.

The Fashion and Race Database has reached a pivotal moment in growing into an even more robust platform for fashion, race, and academia to convene. As part of this forward development, we would like to hear from venerated institutions such as yours to see how FRD can become even more useful to your students, faculty, and other members. Linked below, find a short, 2-minute survey where you can provide useful feedback on how your institution currently utilizes The Fashion and Race Database, and how we can make our content more accessible to your community.


If you have any questions about The Fashion and Race Database or forthcoming institutional memberships, don’t hesitate to reach out. We would love to hear from you, and thank you in advance for your support and feedback.

All the best,

Anthony Palliparambil,

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